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Personal Bank 4 u

Create your own Personal Bank

Learn and use the secret of the wealthy to give yourself control, flexibility, and safety with your savings and investments.

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Create your own Personal Bank Now

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How does it work?

Your own Personal Bank is created through a specially designed whole life insurance policy which allots only 10% of the premiums go to life insurance and 90% of the premium goes to cash value providing a tax deferred return of 5 to 6% equal to the 8% to 9% taxable return of an IRAs or 401(k).

This cash value acts like a savings account and emergency fund where the returns are guaranteed, grow tax-free and can be taken out tax free. You remove both stock market risk and tax risk that guarantees your money will be there for you when you retire. In addition, you can access all your money tax free. Permanent whole life insurance is the single best exemption in the tax code.

In these volatile and uncertain times, your retirement can be significantly at risk. There is no guarantee on the return in retirement plan, very little people have any significant personal savings, and we just don’t know if Social Security will run out of money causing the government to tax our retirement plans at a higher rate to fund the program.
The Personal Bank offers safety, tax advantages, access to and control of your money (liquidity), tax-free retirement income and a death benefit providing security and peace of mind for your family while providing a tax-free legacy.

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Advantages of the Personal Bank

Stress free, safe investing.

Never worry again about what the stock market is doing or paying exorbitant advisory and brokerage fees that take over 50% of your return. Lock in a 5 to 6% tax-free return in a life insurance company that has been around for over 150 years, never failed and has always paid dividends.

Access to and control of your money (liquidity)

All of your cash value in your policy is available tax free to you for your purchases and investing at any time without worrying about the government or approval of the bank.

Eliminate taxes

It is the only vehicle in our tax code where your money grows tax-free, provides a tax-free income and gives your family a tax free death benefit avoiding probate.

Tax-free retirement income.

Provides a guaranteed Tax-free retirement income. Because retirement plans are taxed at ordinary federal and state levels you could lose more than 40% of your return to the government. There are no government control or rules to access your money compared to a 401(k) or IRA such as a 59½ age penalty for early withdrawal or 70½ age rules for distribution. Your money is not locked up in any retirement plan and is available to you anytime for great investment opportunities.

Tax-free death benefit

Provides a tax-free death benefit to your family, giving them financial security and peace of mind while leaving them a tax-free legacy.


Most insurance agents are not aware of high cash value permanent whole life insurance and those that are do not offer it because they will take up to a 90% loss in their commissions. Find an agent that works with the best mutual insurance companies, understands that 10% of the premium must go to fund the life insurance policy and 90% goes to fund cash value and a small term rider. It must be designed in such a way not to exceed the IRS MEC limit ensuring that all access to money is tax free.